Just as the shore reclaims Balance after the storm we find our Balance in stillness
Recently I recalled the story of Phoenix Rising - the mythical bird with fiery plumage which lives 1000 years and at the end of its life, the phoenix settles in it's nest which burns and reduced to ashes only to rise again - a Rebirth and Renewal
All deserve the gift of Rebirth and Renewal and I welcome all to:
                                                 CLEAR YOUR MIND 
                                             RESTORE YOUR BODY                                                                                                                                                                                        SOOTHE YOUR SOUL                                                                                     OPEN YOUR HEART
 We all have the answers that will bring us the happiness and success within ourselves. At times, we may find difficulty in reaching or maintaining our goals. Are others preventing your happiness? Maybe or maybe not. Is what keeps you stuck Real or Imagined?  Perhaps:
                                                "IT'S MIND OVER MATTER"
Power Your Mind  thru Inspiration which comes from withIN as opposed to Motivation which is a response to avoid negative reprecussions  Be Free -Choose -Live in Ease           
                  I would be honored to be your  facilitator on your journey of self-discovery 
Whatever your Goal 
HYPNOSIS  Our thinking mind has a short term memory. Our critical mind protects us and allows change as we are ready for it. Our memory mind remembers everything, our past, our habits, our feelings, our limiting beliefs about weight loss, stop smoking or reduce stress.  Our creative mind  and self image believes what you tell it. So be the Best you can Believe!  A client will reach a comfortable state of being by relaxing the body and clearing the mind allowing acceptance of positive suggestions. All are capable of coming out of this natural state of self-discovery if one wants, however, most are so comfortably relaxed and choose to continue the process
REIKI - Rei - Spiritually Guided    Ki - Energy
pronounced: Ray Key - 2 Japanese words                                                                  
Also referred to as Theraputic Touch or Energy Medicine.
Reiki dates back 3,000 yrs to ancient Tibet.  Dr Mikao Usui spread the use of this healing method in the late 1800's and in the 20th century, Hawayo Takata introduced Reiki to the western world
In a Reiki session I am guided intuitively - as the teachings say Universal energy flows not from the practitioner rather thru the pratitioner to you. Hands are positioned on and off the body and special attention is usually given to areas of discomfort or injury. Reiki clears energy blockages and balances you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE  - learn to balance your energy and re-focus your thoughts 
All are encouraged to express both positive and negative beliefs or comments without judgment in a safe and comfortable environment.
Take this opportunity to appreciate your HUMANNESS

TREE READING -  Trees live for hundreds of years - some are straight, some are bent, some are whatever
We appreciate the trees as part of nature Draw a Tree  Awaken your natural Strength, Resilience and Beauty

                                                      BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF  
                       LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE  
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