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Break down the walls of your ego and discover your hidden power with my Hypnosis and Reiki sessions.

Lifestyle Changes

Transform your life and boost your self-esteem with the BelmarWellness Weight and Stress Management.

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A Tree is a symbol or metaphor that represents an individual's nature. A tree drawing provides insights into one's personality and self-expression without  the restrisctions of language, culture or gende barriers. DRAW A TREE - RECEIVE A MESSAGE of your


No artistic ability required - ust a desire to have fun


HEALING ARTS NJ  511 Dover Rd (rte 530) Toms River 08757          Friday  February 13    7PM

OCEAN GROVE WOMAN'S CLUB   89 Mount Carmel Way   Ocean Grove 07756   Sunday  February 15   2PM


National Guild of Hypnotist | The Hypnosis Consortium | International Association of Counselors and Therapists | Reiki/Energy Therapy Group

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Backed by 10 years of experience, BelmarWellness of Wall Township, New Jersey offers a myriad of lifestyle and therapeutic programs to promote consciousness awareness and personal growth. To help individuals unlock their inner potential, I offer hypnosis and Reiki sessions, as well as other programs to modify or change your lifestyle. Moreover, I put on self-discovery workshops throughout the year and have several home reinforcement CDs to supplement my programs.

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Contact me in Wall Township, New Jersey, to schedule a consultation for any of my services.